Philip & Jane Foxwell arrived in Japan in January 1948 under the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions of the Bible Presbyterian Church. John and Jean Young came from Nanking, China in December 1948 and joined the Foxwells in Yokkaichi for evangelism and church planting.

Both families moved to Tokyo in 1949 to begin Nihon Kirisuto Shingakko (Japan Christian Theological Seminary, which later became Tokyo Christian University) in Horinouchi, Suginami, Tokyo. Most of the Presbyterian ministers in Japan came from this seminary. Within a year, they added a college division with 17 students.


The main work of the missionaries was theological training, church planting, and publishing materials. In the early 1950s, Addison & Roz Soltau, Anne Wigglesworth, Anne Krause, and Mary Johnson joined the missionary team. In 1953, Japan Christian Theological Seminary and the church planting effort received its own religious hojin (legal entity) under the name of Japan Presbyterian Mission (Nihon Choro Dendo Kai Shukyo Hojin).


In June 1968, the seminary moved to Higashi Kurume along with a housing complex for the missionaries. In 1973, the Presbyterian Church of Japan (Nihon Kirisuto Choro Kyoukai) officially started. The first presbytery was in Tokyo. The second in Nagoya. In 1975, Bruce & Susan Young arrived after language training and went north of Yokkaichi to start a church. In 1977, Stephen & Sarah Young arrived and went south of Yokkaichi to start a church. These two families would later become the first Mission to the World missionaries in Japan.


In 1981, World Presbyterian Missions merged with Mission to the World, and the Reformed Presbyterian Evangelical Synod merged with the Presbyterian Church of America. Mission to the World Japan was born! In the late 1980s, a number of

new recruits—McNutts, Iversons (1987), Jennings, Jane Brinkerhoff—joined the missionary team. In 1988, the Iversons went on to start the second Mission to the World church planting team in Chiba. (The first one led by the Youngs was still in Nagoya.)


In 1993, Nihon Kirisuto Choro Kyoukai was changed to Nihon Choro Kyoukai. Fukuin Choro Kyokai, with about ten churches, merged with the Presbyterian Church of Japan.


In 2004, Christ Bible Institute team was started. In 2005, Christ Bible Seminary was started, meeting in Nisshin Church in Nagoya. In 2008, the Shin Urayasu church planting team was formed.


In 2011, Christ Bible Seminary moved to their own building in downtown Nagoya. In 2011, Community Arts Tokyo was formed, which later became the Community Arts Tokyo Team in 2018. In 2013, the Tokyo Team was formed, which became the Tokyo City Team in 2019. In 2015, NEXT Asia-Pacific started. In 2019, the Chiba City church planting team was started.


In 2020, Kaihin Makuhari Church Planting Team was started.


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